Check Your Readiness



  • FORM - STEP 1
  • FORM - STEP 2

Questions 1 to 9 deal with a measure of your current business and the quality of your borrowing proposal. No measure has been or could be made of this: but you and your bank may want to do so.

How much do you want to borrow?

What will the money be used for?

Type of Business

Sales Turnover (ZMK)

Number of Employees

Profit as % of Sales


Location of the Business

Business Email Address

Do you have a cash forecast which shows that the money can be repaid?

If “yes” Over what period do you expect to repay the borrowing?

If “no” What proof do you have that you will be able to repay the borrowings?

The Next Section of Questions will be ‘scored’. Your bank may have a different view from yours. They may have a different measuring method. But what matters is that you discuss to agreem on some logical and repeatable measurement of risk to determine your ‘Risk Score’.

What is your past business experience?

Position / Role

What has been the overall trend? Or have you proved your Ability to make your plans work?

What is your management control information?

What will you show the bank?

Character of Borrower- Stability and Dependability?

Will / Are we able to work together?

Your Escape Route or Banker’s Security?

What is the value of your collateral?